Welcome to our Community cares London

We Believe that we provide the support that  can end women’s violation,  Isolation,


And unify  our community by doing he right thing.

What we do

We provide initial support and also signpost victims of domestic violence to the right authority for help:  

We create right environment for women empowerment including skill acquisition and further education in conjunction with our partners.

We promote community cohesion and unity through various events that we show case, for example , foodbank, Coffee moaning, children event and  many more.

Our weekly activity

Coffee Morning

Food Bank


Covid 19 was  a massive challenge to us all but we pulled through it without leaving anyone in our comunity behind. 


Queen, Elizabeth 11

Queen’s Platinum jubilee Celebration. We gathered our community in the early summer of this 2022 to celebrate Quee, Elizabeth 11, 70 years peaceful rul

OCC  Family Summer Trip With the help of one of our reputable funders, we embarked on summer trip for children and theie parents.

It was a great fun.