Our Community Cares

Supporting Women and their families suffering from isolation

We promote community cohesion and unity through various events that we showcase, for example , foodbank, Coffee morning, children event and  many more.

Community Arts and Crafts project

In September last year Our Community Cares received funding from  Catch-22’s Culture Within Newham Project, and teaming up with Newham Mosaic we have begun delivering an inspirational programme of artistic and cultural activities – with our first being an Art Workshop with Netstorm which took place in December.

Along with Newham Mosaic, OCC will be delivering more art and music workshops designed to develop existing skills within our community and awaken dormant ones.

The wider aims of this project are to bring our community together to provide support and respite from challenging times and circumstances and to help build individual confidence to empower participants to improve their lives.

See what’s going on and when.

Links to our partners:


Newham Mosaic

Community Activities

Visit our food bank and coffee morning.

Drop in and let us help you with the weekly shop. Also our Friday coffee mornings are a great way to meet neighbours and beat the boredom.

Whatever you can donate from pennies to pounds towards the cost of hiring the building is much appreciated.

See you there!

Community Cohesion

We bring people together because we believe a problem shared is a problem halved and a room full of friends can sometimes make the problem go away altogether.


Caring and sharing your time and energy with such a wonderful community as ours is a blessing and a privilege. Our volunteers tell us how much they get from giving. Come along and see if you feel the same.


If we ran on love we'd run forever but unfortunately they don't take that at the bank so we need money to keep going. Whatever you can donate will be sure to go towards helping our most vulnerable friends and neighbours. 


When we can we like to have fun. It lifts the spirits and salves the soul. We fundraise to give community members the respite they need from a world of stress. Stay in touch so we can let you know what we're doing and when.

Use our services

Our doors are open to everyone. We're here for you no matter who you are. If you are hungry visit our foodbank, if you need counselling to help you find a way forward we're here. Just drop in.

Foodbank Visits





We’d like to say a big thank you to the National Lottery community fund for providing us with the money to keep OCC going and allowing us to care more for our community. The trip to Southend, the Science Museum and the craft activity would not have been possible without their funding. Also, thanks to the community fund we now have a small office space on Freemasons Road for us to organise our work in, for a while.