science museum

Science Museum Trip

We are an organisation that live up to our name. Our objective is to be a hub where the diverse community of Newham can  get together meet in a nice environment, play, get counselling and be fed through our foodbank.

On 20th August, we were at it again, this time we organised a day trip to the Science museum and a picnic afterwards. This was primarily for the kids during their summer holidays as well as friends, family and other members.

The trip started at 9am with everyone meeting at Custom House station. That went well and we started our journey to our destination where we gained entry using our free entry QR code.

The group had the opportunity to explore the museum together, then we had a delicious lunch break topped with some ice cream desserts. 

We enjoyed a session of aeroplane VR experience, then everyone had the opportunity to explore separately and the kids took turns in asking museum staff questions. 

The trip was concluded by trips to the parks, Princess Diana water fountain, the kids feeding the ducks and geese and so many other things. The kids had a great time in the Princess Diana playground, playing in the sandpits and climbing the play ship, dressing up and pretending to be pirates. It was all truly fun. 

OCC is extremely grateful to all the sponsors, volunteers and donors for making that trip possible and for making unforgettable memories for everyone especially the kids.

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